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This page can give you more information about which datapoints the variable is selecting, what time frame it is looking at, etc. If you are still having trouble identifying an issue, feel free to submit a ticket to the help desk.

What are the password complexity requirements for participants using the participant portal?

During account creation, participants must come up with a complex password. There is a bar along the bottom of the password field, and when criteria is met, it will turn green. It can feel a little like a black box to participants, however, because it does not provide specific criteria to be met (e.g. One upper case letter, one lower case letter, one number, etc.).

This is because W2H uses the zxcvbn library, a popular tool that checks the entropy and strength of a given password. It recognizes and weighs over 30,000 common passwords, names, sequences and much more. It is an algorithmic alternative to password composition policy. It is more secure and considered the gold standard.