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More information on setting up HL7v2 over HTTPS can be found in the Galaxy document Incoming HL7v2 Over HTTP or HTTPS Using Interconnect.

Setup required


  • New interface setup:

    • Interface Kind: Incoming Clinical Documentation Flowsheet Data [97]

    • No custom setting or custom executable codes used.  All standard settings.

We have found success with having Bridges create a new encounter for each new data point received. That can be done by setting Bridges Profile variable  VISIT_MATCH_USE_DATE_RANGE [80604] to 0 - Use visit ID only (default 1 - Use visit ID, then search by date range).

Sample message


Code Block
OBR|1||148745|29274-8^VITAL SIGNS MEASUREMENTS^LN|||20230614112132||||||||||||||||||F
OBX|1|NM|SYSTOLIC^INTRAVASCULAR SYSTOLIC^||126|^mmHg|||||F|||20230614112132
OBX|2|NM|DIASTOLIC^INTRAVASCULAR DIASTOLIC^||71|^mmHg|||||F|||20230614112132