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At 4:00am each morning, W2H groups all approved transactions into a single payment.

At 8:50am each morning, W2H sends a list of all payments for registered participants to ClinCard, regardless of participant status. 10 minutes after the hour between 9:00am and 4:00pm, W2H checks if ClinCard sent acknowledgement of payment or notice if there is any issue with the payment request. Payments without issue are automatically loaded to the participant’s ClinCard. Payments with issues will generate a software alert in W2H.



Please note: Payments can only be made to participants in active statuses, which include: New, Ready, Enrolling, Enrolled, and Started. Payments to participants in Finished, Ineligible, Unenrolled, Declined, and Invalid status will not be appliedfor participants who became inactive before being registered with ClinCard will not be processed.

Replacing ClinCards

If you need to issue a replacement card to a study participant, it is not necessary to map the new token ID in W2H. The integration will still work.