Propeller Health

Purchasing & General Information

Propeller Health has inhaler sensors that have the capability of tracking when and how often people are using their inhalers. For pricing and other helpful information visit:

Set-Up Instructions

Once you have contacted Propeller Health and have gotten a Group Name for your study, you can start setting up the device in Way to Health. To set up and authorize the device, there are a few steps that need to be taken.

  1. Go to Way to Health → Manage Study → Data Sources. Under the Devices tab, select "+New Device" and search for Propeller Health in the Type.
  2. You will see Red Help Text that explains you will need to send an email to with the following information:
    1. We would like to set up a Propeller integration for the Way to Health Platform. Below is the information required to set up our webhook:

      Group Name: [Enter your Group Name here]
      Event Name: eventCreated
      Target Server URL:
      1. For Group Name, enter the Group Name you were given by Propeller Health.
  3. Then select the Inhaler Type. You have two options: Controller and Rescue.
    1. If your study has participants using both, you will want to create one Controller device and one Rescue device to differentiate the two.


To authorize Propeller Health devices, you do not need a Device Authorization step in your Enrollment process. There are two ways you can link participant's Propeller Health devices to Way to Health.

  1. For participant account creation, if you are collecting email address information, you can link the participant's Propeller Health account by having them use the same email to make their W2H account.
  2. If the participant wants to use a different email for their W2H account, you can go into the participants record → Devices → select the "pencil" icon → enter the email address they used to create their Propeller Health account → hit Save.