PennChartX: Admission, Discharge, Transfer (ADT) data feed

W2H is integrated with Penn Medicine’s Electronic Medical Record Epic, also known as PennChart. W2H can link a participant profile with a patient’s chart in Epic using the patient’s MRN. W2H allows the user to configure additional fields for validation such as name, address and phone number. 

Using this integration, W2H can retrieve study relevant data from Epic, primarily admission, discharge, and transfer data. 

W2H also has the capability to send data sets collected on the platform into Epic flowsheets. These data sets are reviewed and pushed over by clinicians who have access to W2H. Visit Epic Flowsheet Integration (PennChart) for more information on configuring that setup.

Below is a list of the data fields that are available through a PennchartX integration.  

  • EventName
  • CSN
  • AdmitDate
  • DischargeDate
  • Facility

  • Location

  • LocationRoomBed
  • AccountStatus
  • ExpectedAdmitDate
  • ChiefComplaints
  • Insurances
  • InsurancePlanCodes
  • InsuranceCompanyIds
  • InsuranceCompanyNames
  • Diagnoses

  • DiagnosisCodes
  • DiagnosisTypes