Wisepill is a medication adherence device that is integrated with our platform. For more information on devices, purchasing and contact information visit https://www.wisepill.com/. Below is a listing of an example pricing structure. Rates listed below are available for small quantity orders. Bulk purchase discounts may be available. Contact Wisepill for quotes.

  • The Wisepill RT2000 dispensers cost $185 each plus any shipping costs.
  • The Wisepill dispenser requires a SIM card. When ordered through Wisepill directly, SIM cards cost $3.75 each + an activation fee of $2.25. 
    • There is a $2.50 monthly charge for the data plan.
  • The Wisepill Web Monitoring and Hosting is $3 per device per month.

Set Up Instructions

To set up and authorize the device, there are a few steps that need to be taken.

  1. Contact your Way to Health implementation lead to confirm there is a forwarder set-up by the Wisepill team for Way to Health to retrieve your data.
  2. Go to Wisepill portal: http://portals.mediscern.com/USA_UI/login to set up your Wisepill.
  3. Go to Way to Health, Under Manage Study --> Data Sources within the Devices tab, click +New Device.
  4. Enter a Name for the device and choose Wisepill from the dropdown menu for Type.
  5. Unlike other devices, a Device Authorization step is not required within the enrollment process.

Device Authorization

To authorize the Wisepill, you will NOT need to add a Device Authorization step in the enrollment process. These are the instructions to authorize the wisepill device:

  1. Once a participant is enrolled, go to their profile.
  2. Go to the Devices tab and you should see the Wisepill device.
  3. Select the pencil and enter the Serial Number of the device and click Save.
  4. Confirm data is coming in (data runs to Way to Health every hour).

Data Fields

  • taken_at: date and time Wisepill device was opened