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Building your WTH study 

  1. SurveysBuilding Qualtrics surveys and informed consents

  2. Devices:
    1. Bi-directional SMS set up: bi-directional SMS set up

  3. EnrollmentBuilding Enrollment

  4. Study ArmsFull Playlist
    1. Device Encounters: Device Upload
      1. Bi-directional SMS Encounters: bi-directional SMS
    2. Survey Encounters: Surveys
    3. Survey Lookback Encounters: Survey Lookback
    4. Office Visit Encounters: Office Visits
    5. Lottery Encounters: Lottery
    6. Basic Gamification Encounters: Gamification

  5. Participant Dashboard: Editing Participant Dashboard

Testing your WTH Study

  1. JIRA tickets: How to put in a JIRA ticket 

  2. WTH environments: Production vs Staging vs Shadow

  3. Testing the study: Testing your WTH study

Managing your WTH Study

  1. Managing a caseload: Managing a WTH Caseload

  2. Recutting participant checks: Recutting Participant Payments