Provider Permission Explanation and Set Up

What is the purpose of the provider permission?

Two main goals:

  1. Restrict access to a subset of participants for a study staff member

    1. Example 1: Assign a Penn physician to a group of Penn participants, but prevent that same physician from accessing Temple participants 

    2. Example 2: Assign 30 participants to Dr. Smith and assign a different 20 participants to Dr. Jones 

  2. Restrict access from the Manage Study tab so that a provider is only supporting study management and not involved in build and testing 

 Need more information on the various Way to Health roles and permissions?? See Way to Health Roles and Permissions 

What can a provider do? 

  1. Enroll new participants into their assigned access group(s)

  2. View full profile information or their assigned access group participants 

  3. View data for their assigned access group participants 

  4. Reset participant passwords for their assigned access group participants 

  5. Log errors on transactions and re-approve payments for their assigned access group participants 

  6. Receive incidents and alerts on their assigned access group participants 

  7. Send batch notifications and incidents 

How does the provider role work?

Providers are designated in the Settings section of Manage Study and then assigned to access groups.  The study project manager can both create the access groups (i.e. Penn, Temple, Jeff, etc) and assign study staff to the provider role.  Once the access groups are created and staff are assigned the provider permission, the project manager can assign the provider to 1 or more access groups. Any Way to Health user assigned to an access group, will only be able to see participant data on those who are in their assigned group. A participant can be assigned to an access group in the profile or as a feedback consequence in enrollment. 

I think I want to use this feature, how do I set it up?

  1. Assign Way to Health users to provider role 

  2. Create access groups

  3. Assign providers to access group(s) 

  4. Assign participants to an access group via profile or enrollment 

Assign Way to Health users to provider role 

  1. If you have Project Manager permissions, you will see a navigation item for Manage Study → Personnel.

    1. Don't have project manager permissions and think you will need them? Click here to put in a JIRA Help ticket! 

  2. From the personnel page you can, change their roles, and modify incident notification rules.

Create Access Groups 

If staff members should only have access to a subset of participants (e.g. only those at his/her practice), you can create and assign Access Groups.

Want to know what Way to Health looks like for a user with a provider permission? 

  • Does not have access to Manage Study

  • Can filter by Access Group, but only those assigned to the provider

  • Can view participants, but only those assigned to the provider