Creating New Way to Drive Projects

This page is for W2H staff only. Only staff with admin accounts on the W2H platform will be able to perform these actions. If you are interested in creating a Way to Drive study, contact us directly at


Way to Drive is a University of Pennsylvania-branded version of the TrueMotion driver safety monitoring app. It collects data about safe driving behaviors as well as cell phone use while driving. Most studies using Way to Drive are observational, and require minimal configuration to get started.


To set up a new Way to Drive project:

  1. Make a copy of study ID 752: Way to Drive Pilot - Test Drive

  2. Set up study settings, Twilio phone number, and Twilio Messaging Service as usual

  3. Create a MIRTH ticket with the following information:


Example value



Example value


W2H Study Name

“Way to Drive Pilot - CHOP Learner Driver Pilot Study”

This is the name you give to your study, and the name that will appear at the top of the build. It is also the way the study will be referred to in Trello and when you are reporting out on progress.

W2H Study ID

e.g., 805

This is the automatically-assigned W2H study ID number. You can find this by navigating to any page of the study build and looking in the address bar for the part of the url that says “/study/###”



This value will always be the same. This is used as an identifier for TrueMotion and will not change between studies.



This value is unique to your study. It must be agreed upon with the TrueMotion team so that they can direct the appropriate data to your study build.

For questions about setting up your study with TrueMotion, contact Jeffrey Ebert -