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Set the partner's status in the 'Status' drop down. Good news- the status can be updated here at any time during the intervention! 

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  1. Requested

    1. The participant has indicated that this person be designated as their support partner, but is not currently receiving notifications.
    2. When would I use 'Requested'?
      1. Some projects want partners to consent to receiving notifications.  Until your team is able to get in contact with the partner to consent him or her to acting as the support partner, the 'Requested' status acts as a pending until approval. 

  2. Active 

    1. The support partner is set up to receive any alerts or notifications about the participant or messages designated for the support partner himself. 
    2. When would I use 'Active'? 
      1. If you don't need to consent the partner, you can use the 'Active' status immediately upon entering in the contact information

  3. Disabled 

    1. The support partner has elected to turn-off or pause receiving notifications
    2. When would I use 'Disabled'?
      1. The partner either wants to temporarily or permanently stop receiving notifications. 

(lightbulb) Need help setting up your partners? See Support and Participant Partners for help!