Publication Language

Communicate the following language to teams for what they need to include in their publications:

Ideal version

“The program was conducted on Penn Way to Health, an evidence-based patient engagement platform that integrates wireless devices, clinical trial randomization and enrollment processes, messaging (text, e-mail, or voice), self-administered surveys, automatic transfers of financial incentives, electronic health record integration and secure data capture for research and clinical programs.”

If they push back because of word count constraints (happens with some journals).

“The program was conducted on Penn Way to Health, an evidence based patient engagement platform”

With these references:

Asch, DA, Volpp, KG. On the way to health. LDI Issue Brief. 2012;17(9):1–4.

Asch, DA, Muller, RW, Volpp, KG. Automated hovering in health care—watching over the 5000 hours. N Engl J Med. 2012;367(1):1–3.

URL (where appropriate):