Way to Health Roles and Permissions

See below for comparison chart of what each role has access to within Way to Health:

Project ManagerResearch CoordinatorSite CoordinatorStatisticianProvider

Pause/Disable feedback study-wide (tick)

Pause/Disable feedback for participants(tick) (tick) (tick)

Configure advanced settings(tick)


Add/Edit study personnel (tick)

Can invite Site Coordinators

and Providers

Add/Edit access groups(tick)(tick)

Assign access groups(tick)(tick)

Can add Site Coordinators and


Study Management

Access to "Manage Study" Menu(tick)(tick)


Only Personnel Section

Add/Edit participant enrollment and event schedule(tick)(tick)

Enroll new participants(tick)(tick)(tick)

Receive participant alerts and incidents(tick)(tick)(tick)
Send participant notifications
example: email, text, or Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) 
Participant Data

View participant information and data(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Edit data fields in manage data(tick)(tick)

Delete participant data(tick)

Export data(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)

Create manual transactions(tick)(tick)(tick)

Approve manual transactions(tick)

Approve transactions(tick)(tick)(tick)





Access Groups

Access Groups are permission groups that can be created and assigned to ALL study personnel and participants to restrict access to information.

Example:  Doctor Smith works at CHOP and only needs access to see participant information in the study that are from CHOP.

All user groups listed above can have their platform functionality limited by access group. For example, a site coordinator can only invite providers and site coordinators to be a new user on the platform within their assigned access group. 

For more information about access groups, click here.