Invite New Users

Inviting New Users to Way to Health

Project Managers can provide access to project staff by sending an email invite. 

  • Project Managers can do this by navigating to "personnel" in "manage study" 
  • At the top right hand of the page click invite users
    • A page will appear allowing for the project manager to enter in the users name, email and username
      • We can autogenerate a username for you if you leave the field blank
    • A project Manager will also be able to choose a role for each individual on a drop down
    • by clicking the blue "+" you can create another line to enter the information to invite multiple users at once
    • The check box at the bottom of the email must be clicked, acknowledging and IRB approval if needed
    • Clicking "invite" will send the users two emails
      • One email granting them access and sharing the link to your site
      • One email asking the user to create their own password