Staff Off-Boarding Guide

As you transition off of your Way to Health study, it is your responsibility to make sure that any new staff members have the training needed to run your study properly.  

I. Ensure new staff has accounts for all sites necessary to managing your study

  • Qualtrics 
    1. Contact: WTH Operations team member for account via a JIRA Help ticket
    2. 'Collaborate' all surveys with new staff
    3. Explain limitations with making edits to surveys after survey launch and protocol for replacing surveys 

  • Way to Health 
    1. Contact: WTH Operations team member for account via a JIRA Help ticket
      1.  (red star) New staff can only be set up on a WTH account once they are IRB approved 
      2.  (red star) New staff can only be set up on a WTH account once they have completed CITI training
    2. Ask WTH team to add new staff to the WTH email listserv

  • JIRA/ Confluence 
    1. Contact: WTH Operations team member for account via a JIRA Help ticket
    2. Explain how to put in a ticket and track ticket progress
    3. Show where to find User Guides on Confluence and relevant documentation 

  • Study email account

  • Device website account 
    1. Contact: Usually the device vendor 

II. Explain study environments 

  • Staging
    1. Copying production to staging for testing
    2. Signing in as a participant 
  • Production
  • Shadow 
  • Frontend vs. backend 

III. Complete an enrollment walk through 

  • Show where to look for the step that the participant left off 
  • Show how to view survey responses 
  • Show where to look if a participant is marked as ineligible 

IV. Review participant management 

  • Review participant profile
    1. Status, arm assignment, and access group (if applicable) 
    2. Devices tab for troubleshooting 
      1. Resetting a device 
    3. Event schedule 
      1. Overview tab vs. Week tabs
      2. Types of events: device upload, surveys, office visits, etc. 
      3. Surveys
        1. Show how to complete a survey for a participant
        2. Show where to look for survey responses 
      4. Per-participant scheduling 
        1. How to customize an event schedule for a participant
        2. How to stop an event for a participant 
    4. Disabling vs. pausing feedback 
    5. The Inbox view 

  • Review Manage Participants
    1. Explain Adherence Snapshot view and the color coding
    2. Show how to filter for participants, statuses, enrollment steps

  • Review Filter Events
    1. Explain the difference between complete and compliant 
    2. Explain how to mark as an event as complete and compliant 
    3. Explain how to reapply feedback on an event

  • Review Transactions and Payments 
    1. Explain the difference between the 2 tabs
    2. Explain the approved and processed columns
    3. Show how to approve payments
    4. Explain process for reissuing payments 

  • Review Manage Data and Reports

    1. Show how to filter by survey/device and participant 
    2. Explain that Manage Data contains data in real time, while reports are generated once per day 

V. Remove your own access

  • Reach out to WTH Operations team with last date of work so that they can remove your access following that date


(star) Need further guidance? The User Guide should have most of what you or the new team member needs! Otherwise, put in a JIRA 'Help' ticket and the Operations Team will be happy to help you out!