Device States

  • Auth Failed: Something went wrong while the participant attempted to setup their device. They will need to restart the process. 
  • Authorizing: The device is in the process of being authorized. We will not attempt to get data from the API until authorization has been successful 
  • Auth Skipped: The participant has skipped setting up this device and we will not attempt to collect date from the API
  • Authorized: The device has been properly authorized and we just need to test it to ensure it is working
  • Failed: We should be receiving data from the API for this device but it is in a state where that is not possible
  • New: The device has been instantiated but authorization and/or data retrieval has not been attempted
  • Unstable: The device is currently not receiving data from the API but there is a chance it can start working again
  • Working: We are receiving data from the API as expected for this device


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