Triage View

The Triage View allows you to view all participant incidents in one place, that way, you can easily triage all of the incidents that need immediate attention. It will list the most recently created incident from the top down. To find the Triage page:

  1. Go to Manage Participants and choose the Triage page.

  2. From there, you will see all of the most recent incidents. The incidents in Bold are ones that have not been read and the ones that aren't bolded have been read.

  3. You can also filter by Incident Type and Incident Status. For example: if you have set incidents to be created for high blood-pressure under Medical Incident Type, you can choose to filter for those by changing the filter from All to Medical.

  4. Once you select an incident, you will be able to view a snapshot of the participant's record. This includes:

    1. A view of their adherence snapshot.

    2. A list of all of their incidents. From this view you can add comments to any incidents and resolve incidents.

    3. Their profile information.

    4. Their event schedule. From this view, you can mark an event as compliant or complete as well as re-apply logic or reopen the event.

    5. Their notifications. From this view, you can send the participant a notification that will be sent out by their alert preferences.

    6. Their transactions. From this view, you can approve, un-approve, and delete any transaction.