Automated Payments with ClinCard

What is a ClinCard?

A ClinCard is a reloadable prepaid card. It is available as a payment option for paying research participants. It is a fast and safe way to pay participants. Greenphire also provides tools for researchers to load, track, and report on your studies' payments in real time. 

Requesting ClinCards

If you are a study with the University of Pennsylvania, you can submit a request to obtain ClinCards through the University's Division of Finance department: You will follow this process:

  1. You will submit a request via the form in the link above and fills out all applicable fields.

  2. Answer Yes to the "Is this study using the Way to Health system?" question.

  3. You do not need to fill out the Payment Schedule section. Note: If the study is making a single payment that is over $100 at the same time for all participants, then you should set up a milestone payment so payments do not go into a pending status.

  4. Disbursements Project Team sets up the study in the ClinCard site. In naming the study, please include (W2H) at the end. This way, they always know which ones are associated with W2H.

  5. Email W2H liaison to get the ClinCard Study ID# for the study.

  6. Disbursement Project Team will reply to the request, copying the W2H team (, with the ClinCard Study ID#. The Site ID# is always 7242.

Note: You must have a PennKey in order to submit a request for ClinCards. 

If you are a study using Way to Health outside of the University of Pennsylvania and have a subcontract with Penn faculty, you may be set up as a sponsored guest and can take advantage of the automated ClinCard integration by routing funds through the subcontract. Your W2H implementation lead can set you up as a sponsored guest:

If you are are a study using W2H outside of the University of Pennsylvania without a subcontract, your institution may already have an account set up with Greenphire and you can refer to your institution's finance department to set up ClinCards to pay your study's participants. W2H will track payment balances and your team can manually pay out participants.

For more information on Greenphire ClinCards, please visit their website:

Implement and Track ClinCard Payments in W2H

Pairing a ClinCard account with a W2H study

Your W2H liaison will set up the integration for your study once the Disbursement Project Team at Penn gives us the study’s ID from Greenphire. (Note to W2H Implementation Lead: You must enter the ClinCard site ID and the study ID in Advanced Settings in Way to Health).

The following profile fields will need to be required in order to successfully use the ClinCard integration:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Street Address

  • Street Address 2

  • City

  • State

  • Postal Code

  • Date of Birth

  • Email address (virtual ClinCard only)

Pairing a ClinCard to a W2H participant record

Once your W2H study is paired with your study’s ClinCard account, you will see a new section on Participant Profile tab called ClinCard Information.

The “ClinCard card number” field and “Virtual ClinCard” toggle are only accessible via the participant’s profile on the admin portal, not the participant portal. For virtual cards, make sure email address is populated and toggle Virtual ClinCard to ON. For physical cards, enter the 8|12* digit token number that is shown through the window of the ClinCard envelope you receive from Penn Finance.
* The token number should be 8 digits for Mastercard and 12 digits for Visa.

At 4:50am each morning, W2H sends a list of all participants modified in the last 48 hours with ClinCard token numbers OR virtual toggled on to the Greenphire ClinCard system. ClinCard sends W2H a successful registration acknowledgement back to W2H and they are then marked as registered. If the token number is invalid, a software alert will generate in W2H.

If you accidentally create a record in the ClinCard portal first, you will need to submit a ticket to Greenphire to have it removed. After the record has been removed from the ClinCard portal, wait a day for W2H to send the registration file to register the participant.

Approving transactions and managing payments

Each time a participant is credited for progress in a study (e.g. $2 for every day they achieve their step goal), it is considered a transaction. On a recurring basis (bi-weekly or monthly recommended), your study team should approve transactions in W2H. You can do this by navigating to Manage Participants > Transactions. Select the transaction or group of transactions and take action to approve them.

You can keep track of participant payments (after approval) in the Payments tab under Manage Participants. 

Here you can filter and export lists of payments per participant(s). For studies not using the ClinCard integration, you have the option to individually or batch action mark payments as paid or unpaid.

Replacing ClinCards

If you need to issue a replacement card to a study participant, it is not necessary to map the new token ID in W2H. The integration will still work.

Troubleshooting ClinCard errors

Please refer to the flowsheets below which describe how W2H integrates with ClinCard as well as a triage workflow for troubleshooting issues that may occur:


The study team will have access to the ClinCard portal. This portal can be accessed at In addition to budgeting and working with Penn’s finance department, this portal can be a helpful tool in identifying potential issues that might arise, such as an incorrect token ID which can result in W2H’s inability to process a payment.

When following the support triage process, you may need to reach out to Penn Finance for assistance with the Greenphire ClinCard Portal. Here is the link to that resource:

Here are some helpful guides on how to use ClinCard as well as a demo on how to use the platform. 

University of Pennsylvania's Greenphire ClinCard page:

ClinCard Data Security and Privacy Statement:

ClinCard Training Demo:

ClinCard 101 for Research Studies:

How Participants Can Use the ClinCard: